Video game trailers and explainer videos often help us decide whether it is worth buying or downloading a particular application. Any product or service will be bought faster if you place a video about the product next to the “buy” button. Hi-quality, well-thought-out sound has a significant impact on how attractive a product is to users.

We transform your video into the stylish, well-harmonized production through the sound:

As the first, we analyze and clarify the commercial component of the video:

  • formulation of the tasks facing the video;
  • study of target audience;
  • taking into attention the channels of content distribution.

As the second, we provide the video with professional audio:

  • score the music for your video or select the track on audio stocks, creating the necessary atmosphere and emotions;
  • cast voice talents and record voice-over;
  • add the audio effects. We record it ourselves, or use ones from licensed sound libraries.
  • do the final mixing and volume balance of all audio components.

We guarantee high quality of work and meeting deadlines. You can watch some examples of our work here.