Integration of the sound components into the video-game code is one of the important phases in creating of the game audio. At this stage, sounds effects are assigned to videogame objects, the logic of their playing and interaction is defined.

For example, we have a dragon in our videogame who guards the entrance to his treasury. How will the player understand the sound that the dragon noticed? How far should this sound be heard? How often will the dragon growl? Is this sound important to the player or not?

Does the sound help player to unerstand wrom which side the dragon flights to him? Should the player hear this sound if the dragon is hidden behind the rock? Will the dragon growl be louder than the player’s attack sounds effects and how will it be combined with them?

Universe Music team provides integration of game audio for video-games developed on Unity 3D and Unreal Engine 4. We use native audio systems of these engines, and also use the middleware tools – FMOD and Wwise.